Hulls and aluminum superstructures

Also we specializes in builds of superstructures and wheelhouses as well as separately various types of aluminum hulls. We makes both: single hull and catamaran units. We are happy and able to adapt to the needs and requests of our customers. We have broad experience in production of rescue vessels, small, solar cruise ships, patrol vessels, workboats for fishermans and fishing farms and constructions for offshore platforms. We can also offer assembly of our superstructures and other works on the client yard.

Aluminum constructions

We manufactures constructions for the maritime industry such as: passenger ship’s chimneys, masts, gangways, hatches, covers, tanks, sections and containers.

Renovations and conversions

Offshore constructions

We manufactures aluminum structures and components for the offshore industry: railings, living modules offshore platforms.

Non-destructive Testing

An additional profile of our activities are non-destructive testing of:

  • Visual examination of the second degree (VT-2)
  • Penetration testing of the second degree (PT-2)
  • Magnetic studies of the second degree (MT-2)
  • ultrasonic examination of the second degree (UT-2)
  • X-ray examination of the second degree (RT-2)
  • Endoscopic examination

Personnel conducting the test has current second degree certificates issued by the UDT-CERT (VT-2, UT-2) and by TUV-CERT (TA-2, MT-2, RT-2).
Certificates are compatible with the requirements of BS EN 473. We conducting research in industrial sectors 6 and 7, the production and processing of metals. The pre-and operating equipment, facilities and structures. To test VT, PT and MT have our own equipment.

Workshop Documentation

We offer workshops in the documentation:

  1. Offshore construction:
    • your profile cuts
    • documentation of numeric machine (cutting cards and codes)
    • a material precision drawings (details of welding, marking elements and joints).
  2. Marine equipment.
  3. Electrical equipment on board:
    • lighting
    • switchgear
    • distribution equipment
    • boot box engine
    • machining.

We make dossiers based on the latest software:

  • AutoCad LT 2008
  • AutoNEST v. 9
  • NC Polaris

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